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MusicMonarchy is the one-stop-shop portal for everyone interested in live music. With its powerful search engine and easy to use interface, you’ll find anyone and anything that is connected to the music industry.

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By using MusicMonarchy services we can easily do what we have been able to achieve via our network of relations or by tiresome research, a load of good luck. So much efforts to reach our goal: to find demand for our services or to find the right services we demand.

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Shortly: for everyone!

You could be a musician, a band, a venue, a festival, a manager, a sound engineer, a light technician, a music producer, a studio, a rehearsal place, a transporter, a music teacher, a film artist, a dancer or even just a music lover or concert goer. Be either an amateur or a pro, MusicMonarchy will be of great help to you in your everyday routine.

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Pass our one step registration and you are already part of the place where they want to hear your music, see your work; where you can find your desired music mates, where the only thing that matters is what you do and how you do it.

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A search tool to find any actual event in various genres, at various places and times, where organizers are still looking for performers.


It’s easy to book a studio or a rehearsal place for the desired time or find the right performer for your event. As a performing musician or artist you can find the events and their organizers looking for you.


You can merge all your calendar applications used (Google, Outlook, Facebook, etc…) and manage and synchronize them in one go. You may also use multiple profiles for this service.


Manage and promote all your music events on all social network platforms (Facebook, Facebook Groups and Twitter) with a single click.


You can unify all your music related profiles into a single page including your YouTube videos, your music bits from SoundCloud or even your Facebook events.


Have you found it hard to find your place in the music industry? Would you shoot a video clip? Write a film score or find someone who could? Act as an extra in a video? Become a dancer? Find your way to your market manufacturing rare auxiliary music instruments e.g. individual designer guitar picks? MusicMonarchy is definitely the place for you.


Musicians, venues and organizers can be rated by the members, so they all can see where their weak spots are and develop ways to improve.


The search results on page are listed with the higher rated results on top, so more positive ratings make you move up on the list. Hence, if you are really good, you can reach the top of the list easily, even if you are a relatively new member.


Apply for Beta testing to be among the first ones to try MusicMonarchy, and to have a word in how we should reform the music industry. Waiting too long may prove to be fatal to your music career! :)

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Behind The Scenes

The MusicMonarchy team - working for real transparency in the music industry.

The outspoken goal of the team of MusicMonarchy is to reform the music industry: to provide a chance for everyone who wants to find the right channels offering proper demand for their skills, to show their real qualities, so that the chance to prove one’s worth would not only belong to those already having a network of relations, but also to newcomers.

Gábor Dinnyés
Gabor Dinnyes

Chief Executive Officer

MCPD Developer


Music Producer

János Lévai
Janos Levai

Chief Technology Officer

Lead Software Developer

Norbert Csanaky
Norbert Csanaky

Chief Creative Officer

UX Manager